Curriculum Vita

Established the Law Office in 1987, following three years of working at Hassneh Israel Insurance Company Ltd., while still in law-school, one of the largest insurance groups in Israel, at the time. While working at Hassneh, carried both legal and business responsibilities. Among those responsibilities were leading, fully confidentially, work to evaluate the extend of liabilities from the group re-insurance portfolio, following & reporting to the general manager, the developing of a new life policy, as well as strategic planning and negotiation for buyout competitors or merger function / companies within the group.

While working at Hassneh, prior to the position of Personal Assistant (PA) to the Managing Director (MD) as well as the group Secretary and performing the above mentioned, was a member of the Strategic Research and Planning Unit. When the MD, who initiated the rising from analyst to PA, resigned from Hassneh, at the request of the deputy MD who was the successor MD, continued as his PA. This change of persona evolved from a PA to a deputy MD de-facto, in the absence of such appointment, participating, among others in; Reinsurance Placing, Contract negotiations frequently involving several hundreds millions dollars.

In view of professional experience and expertise, as a boutique Law Office. The major income is driven from actively taking part in numerous projects handling various aspects of the development of those projects. In those activities Ran handled multi million dollar transactions, in several countries including Israel.

Received a LL.B. from Tel Aviv University in 1985, and Degree in Economics & political science from Haifa University in 1983. Economics studies, at the time, comprise Book-Keeping level III. The graduation paper was an economical module proving that a tax law, legislated than, does not meet its economic intention.
While still in law school was recruited by one of the Professors, heading one of the leading law firm specializing in Tax Planning & Securities to work as a student and later as a trainee, where one of my tasks was to compose one of the most difficult legal solutions, in form of a legal advice, to a legal difficulty arising from to the above mentioned tax law legislation which did not fulfill, initially its intention..

Former Grand Aleph S'Gan (A.Z.A.) - World Vice - President of the B'NAI - B'RITH Youth Organization and National President of the "Youth for Youth" organization.
Born Tel Aviv, Israel, March 1957. Languages: Hebrew, English and French (speaking & reading).