Corporate and Commercial

The corporate and commercial activities cover all aspects of modern business law. This includes facilitating contractual arrangements of all kinds, inclusive military, the formation, in different jurisdictions of new companies and partnerships, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, take-over, different aspects of the Capital Market, share transfers and Hi-Tech. Mr. Gazit also provides services for other forms of company reorganization and tax planning.

The firm also assists companies in Israel and in other jurisdictions in the administrative aspects of day - to - day management, such as preparing board and shareholder meetings, and ensuring that annual reports comply with statutory requirements.

This assistance often encompasses specialized corporate finance and banking activities such as loans, guarantees, and other transactions. These include foreign investment and coping with foreign exchange laws. Mr. Gazit has close ties with a number of financial institutions.

Mr. Gazit handles agency, distributorship and franchise & Intellectual rights agreements on both a national and an international scale. It facilitates major international transactions, and provides consultation regarding fair trade practices, conditions of sale, and documentary credits.