Leading Government to industries purchase

Due to my family's positing in the creation of the State of Israel I was asked to introduce a newly (former Soviet country) country's representative to authorities in The State of Israel.

Pursuant the evaluation of the purpose of this introduction, advising with the proper authorities in Israel and my appointment as an advisor to this Country, I leaded the negotiation and the structuring of the overall three years requirements plan as well as negotiating, simultaneously, with about five suppliers. We managed not only to compose a comprehensive deal but also to have in the end, the suppliers accepting a structure deal in which one of them is the contractual side enabling, in this way, to facilitate a financing for the total amount of the purchase volume.

Such transaction required a constant reporting to this newly established country, coordinating in Israel with the different suppliers as well as with many authorities that where involved in the transaction and different permits that were required.

Once the deal was signed and approved the undersigned had to follow / monitor different phase's requirements, ensuring its execution.