Due diligence at Tbilisi, Georgia

A company, which its shares were traded at the Israeli Stock-exchange, negotiated to become a partner in a Georgian company, owning real-state and entertainment business at Tbilisi. The new partnership had to be as a result of buying-out shares from a foreign partner.
Being a traded company required formal due diligence to be submitted to the proper authorities.
Pursuant the evaluation of the Georgian company's documentation the undersigned coordinated a four (4) days visit to Tbilisi that was composed of meeting different local professionals, some working for that company, some independent and some official.

The results of those meetings as well as others that where scheduled at Tbilisi, led to findings presented in a report. The report elaborated not only on the different phases/Milestones required to complete the transaction, but also helped the foreign partner at the Georgian company (the seller) to take the proper steps to prevent his Georgian partner to use a "financial trap" that was prepared, well hidden at the Balance-sheet of the Georgian company.