Setting up the legal/business structure for a mining operation in Africa

Possessing some abilities in French, brought me to Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC" or "Congo"), at a request of an Investor who was seeking assistance, while visiting there, following several months of unproductive efforts to commence working / mining in Congo.

The ability to evaluate rapidly the situation, learning not only the legal system and refining my French as well as learning the professional language, not only made it clear that their letter of intend will not be realised, but also enabled moving forward the engagement for their first four concessions followed by other four, few weeks later. While negotiating / obtaining the concessions and becoming familiar with the Legal / Tax / Currency Control as well as the banking / financial operation I coordinated, with the local personnel (reporting to the investor), restructuring the legal / financial, mode of functioning, including the creation of simple reporting system to enable monitor their operation at arm's length.

Such restructuring required finding legal solutions/structures, which were prima facia impossible, according to the local lawyers' advices and later, approved by them pursuant the mutual work developing / opening unknown routs.