Founding Software Companies

  • An entrepreneur with an idea for software engine allowing transformation of content resources into intelligent knowledge assets, enabling information discovery, effective search and future-proof preservation. The anticipated product lines were digitization, transformation, warehousing, search, access, view, and Web-based delivery.
    The entrepreneur had preliminary discussion with a well established company to become a major partner (50% or more) of his invention.
    The undersigned, after learning and investigating the business case of this software initiative and structuring the legal entities for this project, cooperating with one of the top three accounting firm - worldwide - together with the founder composed an initial business plan and raised from a non-resident the pre-seed allocation of investment, as a minor partner.
    Once this start-up was well established, having adequate partners and the ability to influence its business development evaporated, one of the investors/partners bought-out my stockholding.

  • Now-days, founded, more than a year ago a new start-up company, based on my idea joined by two partners (One living in Canada and one in the USA), which will facilitate affordable, "do-it-yourself" tools enabling SME's/users to "self evaluate": performance, credit worthiness, Competitive positioning vis a vie their competition within the privacy of their office. This software that will be accessible by the internet is also a Management assessment tool and Negotiating tool based on its reports that allow financial institutions & suppliers to assess the credit and equity worthiness of SME's/users/borrowers and customers to provide financing.
    One of the fundamentals that is enabling to develop and offer this service, world-wide, multi-languages used, is the IFRS regulations that are to become world-wide adopted.